“Everyone I know who has network administration positions is looking for skilled employees and not necessarily finding the level they’re wanting to find, so there are lots of opportunities. The Cisco coursework is an awesome foundation that puts students heads and shoulders above peers who’ve been in the industry for ten or fifteen years.”

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Vermont’s employers need college graduates, and CCV is recognized throughout the state as a top-notch resource for workforce education and training. Many of our classes and programs feature service learning projects and guaranteed internship placements, giving you the opportunity to network, gain hands-on work experience, and better understand your chosen field. CCV’s programs put you on track to get a good job. Vermont employers know that CCV students work hard and are well prepared for the workplace.

CCV is one of Vermont’s leading providers of workforce education. Ask about our free Governor’s Career Ready Certificate course, developed with the Vermont Department of Labor. It will help you improve your skills and your ability to get a job. You’ll also have the chance to receive state and national career readiness credentials.

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